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Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday's excuse

"Obviously, this is a very disappointing loss for us, it's something
we just have to accept, look it straight in the eye. Third down
conversions on defense - we weren't good enough and we have to get
better in those areas obviously. The ball was coming out quick and
Brett (Favre) did a heck of a job - the rush, they were keeping some
people in, but we still have to get better pressure than that. The
ball was coming out quick. (We've) got to tackle; we've got to do a
better job of tackling, so that was disappointing to me - that part of
it. Our field position, our kicking game hurt us. We've got to be able
to convert a little better field position to help our offense. Other
than the one turnover on offense, I thought they really moved the ball
well. In terms of those things you could see some of that coming
today, they seemed to come alive a little bit and we were moving the
ball well - we just got to win it. It was a close game, it's our job
to go out and win it. It was a winnable game, but we just got to do
it. Injury-wise I think we came out pretty clean. (Ross) Verba kind of
re-strained it (hamstring) early in the game. Paris Lenon has kind of
a sore neck in there, I think he'll be fine - kind of like he did last
-- Rod Marinelli

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week three picks (straight up -- not ATS)

Week 3 -9/24, 25
Game 1 Visitor
Game 1 Home
Tampa Bay
Game 2 Visitor
Game 2 Home
Game 3 Visitor
Game 3 Home
Game 4 Visitor
Green Bay
Game 4 Home
Game 5 Visitor
Game 5 Home
Game 6 Visitor
New York Jets
Game 6 Home
Game 7 Visitor
Game 7 Home
Game 8 Visitor
Game 8 Home
Game 9 Visitor
Game 9 Home
Game 10 Visitor
Game 10 Home
Game 11 Visitor
Game 11 Home
San Francisco
Game 12 Visitor
St. Louis
Game 12 Home
Game 13 Visitor
Game 13 Home
New England
Game 14 Visitor
Game 14 Home
New Orleans
I made these picks before the season started. There's probably nine of them that still work. We'll stick with Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, the Lions, Indy, the Giants, Philly, New England and Atlanta.
Game by Game analysis:
Carolina - Tampa Bay -- The Bucs suck.
Chicago-Minnesota -- Bears headed for Super Bowl XLI???
Cincinnati-Pittsburgh -- Could the Steelers have looked any more awful? They are likely to improve. Cincinnati plagued by injuries.
Green Bay-Lions -- Who is worse? Right now it's the Pack.
Jacksonville-Indianapolis -- AFC championship?
Jets -Buffalo -- Buffalo better than expected. Otherwise, who cares?
Tennessee-Miami -- So much for parity. Ron Dayne gets the start at RB. The Oilers (uhh Titans) really smell.
Washington-Houston -- Maybe the Bushes will be interested. Should be a blow out.
Baltimore-Cleveland. -- Edgar Allan Poe vs. the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Crab cakes and football are what Maryland does best.
Giants -Seattle -- Little Bro is looking like Elway. Don't forget Seattle 9, Detroit 6.
Philly-49ers -- Tougher game than it looks. McNabb and Philly D the difference.
St. Louis -Arizona -- Boring. We'll take Cardinals over Lambs.
Denver-New England -- Even without Deion Branch, Tom Brady's got the credentials here. Besides, he's starting for my fantasy team this week.
Atlanta-New Orleans  -- The Superdome re-opens, the Saints will be pumped. Vick and WarVick should be the difference.
Yes this is my opinion Take it or leave it. In the interest of full disclosure, my football knowledge is suspect. Last week, my 8-year-old son destroyed me in a fantasy football game. He's 2-0 heading into week three.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday notes

  • Lions QB Jon Kitna enters Sunday's game ranked eighth in the NFL (3rd in NFC) with a completion percentage of 65.7 (at least 40 attempts).
  • Kitna is one of three quarterbacks in the league to throw at least 60 passes and have no interceptions.
  • Kitna's 76.7 completion percentage (23-of-30) at Chicago (9/17) was the third highest single-game tally among Lions' passers who attempted at least 30 passes in a game since 1970. It was the highest since Gary Danielson completed 80.0 percent (24-of-30) of his passes vs. Minnesota September 23, 1984.
  • The following players have been listed on the Detroit Lions' injury report: WR Shaun Bodiford (knee), S Kenoy Kennedy (foot) and LB Alex Lewis (knee) are out. T Barry Stokes (hamstring), T Rex Tucker (knee) and G Ross Verba (hamstring) are questionable. Bodiford, Kennedy, Lewis, Stokes and Tucker each missed the team portion of practice today. CB Shaun Rogers was also held out for a portion of team practice and CB Fernando Bryant did not practice (personal issue).
  • The following players have been listed on the Green Bay Packers' injury report: T Junius Coston (knee) is doubtful. CB Will Blackmon (foot), RB Ahman Green (hamstring), CB Al Harris (shoulder), TE David Martin (knee) and G Jason Spitz (thigh) are questionable. Blackmon, Coston, Green and Spitz each missed the team portion of practice today. Green Bay added Green to their injury list today.
  • The Lions will host the Packers Sunday in a NFC North division match-up at Ford Field. This week, Detroit will look to get their first win after a difficult 34-7 loss to the defending NFC North division-winning Chicago Bears while Green Bay looks to rebound from a heartbreaking 34-27 home loss to the New Orleans Saints.
  • Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Lions Notes for Thursday Sept 21

  • CB DrĂ© Bly has forced a fumble in both games for Detroit this season. He forced a RB Shaun Alexander fumble in the second quarter against Seattle (9/10) and then stripped the ball away from WR Bertrand Berry in the third quarter at Chicago (9/17).
  • Since joining the Lions prior to the 2003 season, Bly has intercepted QB Brett Favre four times in six games against the Packers.
  • The following players have been listed on the Detroit Lions' injury report: WR Shaun Bodiford (knee), S Kenoy Kennedy (foot) and LB Alex Lewis (knee) are out. T Barry Stokes (hamstring), T Rex Tucker (knee) and G Ross Verba (hamstring) are questionable. DE Cory Redding and DT Shaun Rogers were removed from the injury list today after being listed Wednesday as probable. Bodiford, Kennedy, Lewis, Stokes and Tucker each missed the team portion of practice today. CB Fernando Bryant (personal reasons) also did not practice today.
  • The following players have been listed on the Green Bay Packers' injury report: T Junius Coston (knee) is doubtful. CB Will Blackmon (foot), CB Al Harris (shoulder), TE David Martin (knee) and G Jason Spitz (thigh) are questionable. Blackmon, Coston and Spitz each missed the team portion of practice today. Green Bay did not list any changes to their injury report today.
  • The Lions will host the Packers Sunday in a NFC North division match-up at Ford Field. This week, Detroit will look to get their first win after a difficult 34-7 loss to the defending NFC North division-winning Chicago Bears while Green Bay looks to rebound from a heartbreaking 34-27 home loss to the New Orleans Saints. 
  • Sunday's game will be televised live in Metro Detroit on WJBK-TV FOX Channel 2 with Ron Pitts handling play-by-play and Terry Donahue adding color commentary. The game will also be broadcast on the Lions Radio Network (WKRK 97.1 FM) with announcer Dan Miller handling play-by-play, Jim Brandstatter adding color commentary and Tony Ortiz reporting from the sideline.
  • Non-Lions update

    Lions Update heard that Kiran Chetry is an Eagles fan. Also heard that her picture drives traffic to web sites. What the heck.. maybe we'll get more hits than the Packers and Lions combined score this weekend.

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Wojnowski says what we're all thinking

    Guarantee this: Lions always disappoint
    CHICAGO -- Well, that didn't take long to kill a few early myths.
    With the Lions, it never does.
    All that discipline inspired by new coach Rod Marinelli? Buried in
    a stinkin' pile of yellow penalty flags.
    That dynamic defense we thought we saw in the opener? Carved to
    tatters by Rex Grossman and the Bears.
    That prognosticating ability of Roy Williams? Today it's a punch
    line, all of it, from the pathetic to the insipid to the absurd. We should
    know by now the only guarantee with the Lions is, just when you think
    they might not be terrible, they're right back to terrible.
    If the Lions' 34-7 loss to Chicago Sunday did anything, it reminded
    us there are no magic systems, no instant-credibility formulas. You can't
    just add tough-talking coaches to a losing environment, shake, simmer
    and serve hot.
    The Lions remain way short on talent, which at least partly
    explains why they attempted to hold, or false start, or commit petty
    larceny, on every play. OK, I exaggerate. Every other play.
    They can crank it up in their home stadium against a touted
    opponent, but put them on the road against a solid team, against an
    efficient quarterback, against a defense fired up by Williams' silly,
    overblown guarantee, and the Lions revert to what they know. If this
    looked familiar, that's only because it was.
    Last year, the Lions opened with a tough-hitting 17-3 pasting of
    Green Bay, then came to Chicago and dropped a 38-6 mess. After
    careful analysis of rosters and stats and spread sheets, I've decided this
    is the problem: The Lions have the attention span of a 3-year-old on a
    sugar buzz.
    "I'm upset because it seems like the same old stuff is going down,"
    cornerback Dre Bly said. "We didn't play with the same passion. We
    didn't play Lions football."
    Sorry, but in many ways, this was exactly the Lions football we've
    come to know. This was what Marinelli and his staff were supposed to
    If Marinelli wasn't absolutely sure of the task he faces, he knows
    now. After two games, he already has a bit of that Lions Coach Stare.
    You know the look -- equal parts bewilderment, shock and disgust.
    Marinelli tried to take all the blame, which was noble enough. But
    it also was just talk. Besides, we know better.
    "There's no learning curve -- it's on me," Marinelli said.
    "Obviously, I have to do better and our staff has to do better. I believe I
    have the ability to get these guys going. I failed this week."
    Everyone failed. The Lions were called for 14 penalties, costing
    them 104 yards. The toll was most evident in a hands-to-the-face
    penalty by cornerback Jamar Fletcher, which wiped out a 27-yard
    touchdown interception return by linebacker Boss Bailey.
    If the play stood, the Lions would have trailed 24-14 in the third
    quarter, with a legitimate comeback chance. Fletcher's penalty was
    nowhere near the ball, just a stupid lapse, just one of many.
    According to Williams, the Lions left 40 points on the field last
    week. I'm thinking they left about 40 penalties on the field in this one.
    In addition to all the other mistakes, Kevin Jones lost two fumbles
    and didn't do much. On the bright side, it does appear Jon Kitna (23-for-
    30 for 230 yards) can deliver the ball from one spot to the next, if he has
    time. On the downside, it doesn't mean squat. For all the hype about
    Mike Martz's offense, the Lions have one touchdown, on a Kitna sneak,
    in two weeks.
    Players say it's a work in progress. Fine. But we saw neither work
    nor progress here.
    "I'll stick with what I said, that we will win any game as long as we
    do what we're supposed to do," said Williams, who caught six passes
    for 71 yards. "This team is capable of averaging 28 points per game. It
    hurts, because we're a good football team and we can't get over the
    hump. It's bonehead penalties, bonehead mistakes. That was a good
    defense, but they did nothing to us."
    Williams' confidence is admirable. It's also blind. Blind faith has to
    be rooted in something, and for these Lions, it's rooted in Martz's
    offensive history, in the coaching staff, in the belief things have to get
    But just once, for an extended period, it'd be nice to see the Lions'
    actions match their words. Williams' guarantee meant nothing.
    Marinelli's firm stance hasn't produced enough, yet. There were more
    injuries to the defense, more slippage to bad habits. Grossman threw
    wherever he wished, whenever he wished.
    We accept the Lions are a work in progress, but we sure don't
    accept this garbage. Obviously, this is going to take a lot more work
    than the Lions, on this nasty day, bothered to expend.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Duffbeerlvr at 11 wins and counting

    Ok we accurately predicted 11 straight up wins so far with Dallas-Washington and Pittsburgh-Jacksonville still on the board. I've got Dall and and Pittsburgh and looks like I'm holding a strong hand on the way to a 13-win week......
    stay tuned.

    Another Loss as Lions go down 34-7 (P-I Gamer)

    Bears maul Lions for second straight dominating win

    Chicago, IL (Sports Network) - Rex Grossman threw for 289 yards and a career- high four touchdowns, leading the Chicago Bears to a dominating 34-7 victory over the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field.

    Grossman completed 20-of-27 passes and Bernard Berrian had five receptions for 89 yards and a score for the Bears (2-0), who shut out the Green Bay Packers, 26-0, in their season opener.

    "It felt real good," Grossman said. "Thirty-four points is a pretty good performance and anytime we do that we are going to win and anytime our defense keeps the other team to seven points, I think we are going to win as well."

    Thomas Jones added 64 yards on the ground and tight end Desmond Clark had 85 yards receiving and a touchdown.

    "We just wanted to come out and start fast because it is a division game," Clark said. "If you lose a division game, that's like losing two games essentially because that counts more toward the playoff race so we wanted to come out and really get ahead in our division and right now we are ahead.

    Jon Kitna went 23-of-30 passing for 230 yards and scored the lone touchdown for the Lions (0-2), who have been held to just 13 points in their first two games. Roy Williams had 71 yards receiving on six catches.

    "We are beating ourselves," Lions head coach Rod Marinelli said. "Our worst enemy is us right now; fumbles, turnovers, penalties, all the communication things."

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    something to think about


    Fewest Points Allowed in NFL in

    8-game Home Schedule

    Pts Allowed

    Year Team at Home

    2005 . . . . . . . .Chicago . . . . . . . . . .61

    2003 . . . . .New England . . . . . . .^ 68

    1978 . . . . . . . .Dallas . . . . . . . . .^ 70

    1992 . . . . . .Philadelphia . . . . . . . .73

    1985 . . . . . . . .Chicago . . . . . . . . .^ 74

    1980 . . . . . .Philadelphia . . . . . . .^ 77

    1979 . . . . . . . .Denver . . . . . . . . . .77

    2001 . . . . . . .Pittsburgh . . . . . . . . .78

    1994 . . . . . . .Cleveland . . . . . . . . .78

    1999 . . . . . . . .Buffalo . . . . . . . . . . .79

    1988 . . . . . . . .Chicago . . . . . . . . . .79

    ^ denotes Super Bowl qualifier

    Behind the 8 ball

    It takes balls for a guy with a lowly eight wins in the football pool to talk smack. But, what the hell -- I'm laying it down here and now.
    Before I get there I should let loose with a couple of excuses for my miserable performance:
    • Who would have thought that Pittsburgh with former Detroit Lion Charlie Batch at the helm could have pulled out the Thursday night game against a fairly decent Miami team? Actually, in picking I didn't give enought credit to the Pittsburgh D -- and ultimately Joey Porter and Troy Polomalu (sp?) sunk that game for me and the Fins.
    • Atlanta- Carolina .. what happened to the Panther's offense? Clearly something is not right there.. I can't still can't believe Michael Vick is a better quarterback than Jake Delhomme, we'll see if his performance (96.8 QB rating) holds up through the season.
    • Denver-St.Louis.... Jake Plummer falls back to earth. Vegas touts predicted a 10-win season and division championship for the Broncos.....Guess suckers (like me) that took the overs are going to be crossing their fingers for the next five weeks. Maybe Denver won't get a win until they get Chokeland at home in week six...
    • Speaking of Oakland ... didn't pick them this week (fortunately) Is it possible they will go winless and scoreless for the entire season How funny would it be to have a Raider team with a perfect record like that?? Committment to Excellence indeed.
    Gotta let loose with a little ego here. As a guy who used to get paid to make predictions on NFL games against the spread, I figured participating in a straight up pool with several relative novices would be as easy as catching the clap on a day cruise with the Minnesota Viqueens.
    I was wrong -- you all seem pretty damn good. So where, you ask, am I going with all this? I predict a 13-win weekend for duffbeerlvr in Week 2,  including a shocking upset at San Francisco as the Niners outscore the Lambs.
    Here's the rest of my winners -- 13 of 'em better be right or I'm really going to look foolish:
    Miami, Carolina, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Green Bay (uggh that was stupid), Giants, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, New England, San Diego, Dallas and Pittsburgh.

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Marinelli Q&A

    Opening Statement: "We had a good chance to get out here on the grass and get our footing right - get a feel of it. Now it's the time to continue to execute. It's the last full day in pads, tomorrow we have to polish and get ready to go."

    On T Rex Tucker playing at right tackle: "Yeah, I think he might. He's feeling pretty good - moving around good. It was good work for him today."

    On whether Tucker will start Sunday: "I believe we would start him right now. We'll watch the tape tonight - that's for sure. It looks like he's ready to roll."

    On if G Barry Stokes will play left guard: "He can play both tackles, he's going to swing and play both tackles. He's a guy that goes in and does just about anything at any place. He's a good veteran for us."

    On the value of practicing on the grass: "I think the biggest thing for me is it's slower. We have good speed and it makes you feel slower. The footing - its not just receivers, its pass rushers - all of a sudden you have to make a corner and you're used to planting and dropping a shoulder and driving it, it's not the same. Tackling is different, your head has to be up; so it's just getting a feel underneath you a little bit. Tomorrow I'm going to go inside to play with our speed again - one more day - just to get fast. We looked slow today, we have to go get the speed back, it is what it is."

    On if Sims will be fined for the hit on Seahawks QB (Matt) Hasselbeck: "We got the letter and Phil Snow is making sure Sims understands it all - you can't do it (make that kind of hit). The other guy came from the other way and dived over the top, Cory was coming the other way. Sims was sprinting - it was full dead speed - but, he has to learn when it's a quarterback you have to go over the top."



    ALLEN PARK, MI - Tickets remain for the 13th annual Detroit Lions Courage House Dinner that will feature Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr as its keynote speaker.  A special award also will be presented to former Pittsburgh Steelers' star and Detroit native Jerome Bettis

    The event will be held at Ford Field on October 17, 2006 beginning at 5:30 PM. 

    Several Detroit Lions' players also will attend the banquet that will benefit HAVEN, Oakland County's premier center for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  Proceeds will target the center's child abuse prevention and treatment programs.  Previous banquets have raised approximately $1.2 million for HAVEN.
     Starr led Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers to a record five NFL Championships and was named the Most Valuable Player in both Super Bowls I and II.  He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

    Bettis retired this year with a Super Bowl XL Championship ring after a 13-year NFL career with Steelers and the Rams.  He will receive the Community Courage Award at the Courage House Dinner, recognizing his commitment to community service as well as his outstanding play on the field.
    Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available. For more information, contact Kim Doverspike of Lions' Community Affairs at 313-216-4171 or Christine Farah , sponsorship chairman, at 248-344-2291.

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Lions Bears Week Two Preview (Courtesy of the NFL)








    Past 2


    Marinelli: 0-0 Smith: 2-2


    L 9-6 vs. Seahawks W 26-0 at Packers


    10/30/05: Bears 19 at Lions 13 (OT). Chicago CB Charles Tillman returns INT 22 yards for

    TD in OT.


    9/18/05: Bears 38, Lions 6. Chicago RB Thomas Jones rushes for 139 yards & 2 TDs. Bears'

    defense intercepts 5 passes.


    FOX (12:00 PM CT): Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan, Jay Glazer (Field reporter)



    Kitna: 21-37(T3C)-229-0-0-75.2 Grossman: 18-26-262-1-1-98.6 (3C)


    K. Jones: 14-35-2.5-0 Jones: 21-63-3.0-0


    Furrey: 5-55-11.0-0 Muhammad: 6-102-17.0-0


    251.0 361.0


    0 +2 (T2C)


    264.0 267.0


    Hall, S. Rogers: 2 (T2C) Three tied: 1.0


    0 D. Manning (R), Tillman: 1


    N. Harris: 43.0 Maynard: 47.3


    Hanson: 6 (0/0 PAT; 2/3 FG) Gould: 14 (T2L) (2/2 PAT; 4/4 FG)



    …Head coaches ROD MARINELLI (DL) & LOVIE SMITH

    (LB) spent 5 seasons ('96-'00) as assts together in TB…

    LIONS: QB JON KITNA has 15-4 (.789) record as starter all-time

    when posting 100+ passer rating…

    RB KEVIN JONES avgs. 74.7 rushing yards per game as starter vs. NFC North… WR


    had 16 TD catches in 1st 2 seasons, most in franchise history. Faces former Texas teammate in Bears CB


    . WR-PR-KR EDDIE DRUMMOND is 2nd in team history with 4 PR TDs & tied for 2nd with 2 KR TDs…With 311

    career receptions,

    TE MARCUS POLLARD ranks 3rd among active TEs, trailing TONY GONZALEZ (658) & KYLE BRADY


    DE KALIMBA EDWARDS has led club in sacks in 2 of his 4 seasons…Rookie 1st-round LB ERNIE SIMS started &

    tied for team lead with 10 tackles…Since joining Lions in '03,

    CB DRE BLY ties for 5th in NFL with 16 INTs… K JASON


    (1,426) needs 14 points to pass JIM TURNER (1,439) for 14th in NFL history… BEARS: QB REX GROSSMAN is

    4-2 (.667) as starter vs. division opponents. His grandfather,

    REX, played 4 games at LB for '50 Lions… RB THOMAS


    has rushed for 387 yards (96.8 avg. per game) & 4 TDs vs. Lions since joining club in '04…WR MUHSIN


    (48) needs 2 TD catches for 50 career. Was all-state RB & LB at Lansing, Michigan's Waverly HS & college

    star at Michigan State…

    TE DESMOND CLARK (1,973) needs 27 rec. yards for 2,000 career…5-time Pro Bowl C OLIN


    has started every game he has played in (103) for club since '99…Club seeks to post consecutive shutouts for 1st

    time since 11/17-11/24/85 en route to SB XX win…

    ADEWALE OGUNLEYE seeks to become 1st Bear DE with consecutive

    10-sack seasons since

    RICHARD DENT ('90-'91)…BRIAN URLACHER has 6 career sacks vs. Det, tied for most vs. any

    club. With 32.5 career sacks, needs 4 to pass

    OTIS WILSON (36) for most ever by Bears LB.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006


    Allen Park, Mich. – The Detroit Lions announced today that they have signed free agent WR Az-Zahir Hakim to a one-year deal. Additional terms of his contract were not disclosed. The team also re-signed WR Devale Ellis to the practice squad.

    Hakim (5-10, 189) joins the Lions for his second tour of duty with the club. He was previously with the team from 2002-04. He also reunites with Lions Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, who he played for in St. Louis from 1999-2001 while Martz was the Rams offensive coordinator (1999) and head coach (2000-01).

    During his career, Hakim has played in 104 games (39 starts) and registered 299 receptions for 4,044 yards and collected 28 touchdowns. On the ground, he has carried the ball 30 times in his career for 197 yards and one touchdown. He is also a dangerous returner, especially on punt returns. Hakim has returned 165 punts for 1,773 yards ( 10.7 avg.) and three touchdowns. One of his punt returns was a 72-yarder that was the first touchdown ever scored at Ford Field when he took a handoff off of a reverse from WR Eddie Drummond and returned it for a score against the Green Bay Packers (September 22, 2002).

    While with the Lions, Hakim started 27-of-36 games, garnered 117 receptions for 1,523 yards and 10 touchdowns.

    Hakim's career took off as the slot receiver under Martz's high-powered offense beginning in 1999. In '99, he was instrumental in the Rams run to the Super Bowl title when he caught 36 passes for 677 yards and averaged a career high 18.8 yards per catch. In Super Bowl XXXVI, following the 2001 season, Hakim caught five passes for a game-high 90 yards. In three seasons under Martz, Hakim recorded 128 receptions for 1,785 yards, averaging 13.9 yards per catch, and scored 14 touchdowns.

    During Hakim's seven post-season games under Martz, he recorded 21 receptions for 284 yards (13.5 avg.), along with 11 punt returns for 149 yards (13.5 avg.).

    Hakim was a standout receiver and four-year letterman at San Diego State. He was an All-Western Athletic Conference second-team selection as a sophomore after he started 12 games and was fourth in the conference with career-high 57 receptions for 1,022 yards ( 17.9 avg.) and eight touchdowns. He was also a standout prep athlete at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, playing football, basketball and track.

    Ellis (5-10, 174) was re-signed to the team's practice squad after being released from the 53-man active roster Monday, September 11. He was signed from the practice squad to the active roster last week (September 8). Ellis was active in the season opener vs. Seattle and contributed on special teams against the Seahawks, finishing with two special teams tackles.


    Year Team G S Rec Yds Avg Lg TD Att Yds Avg Lg TD
    1998 StL 9 4 20 247 12.4 22 1 2 30 15.0 34t 1
    1999 StL 15 0 36 677 18.8 75t 8 4 44 11.0 31 0
    2000 StL 16 4 53 734 13.8 80t 4 5 19 3.8 5 0
    2001 StL 16 2 39 374 9.6 33 3 11 50 4.5 12 0
    2002 Det 10 10 37 541 14.6 64t 3 4 3 0.8 10 0
    2003 Det 14 12 49 449 9.2 28 4 3 51 17.0 35 0
    2004 Det 12 5 31 533 17.2 39t 3 1 0 0.0 0 0
    2005 NO 12 2 34 489 14.4 42 2 0 0 - - 0
    Totals 104 39 299 4044 13.5 80t 28 30 197 6.6 35

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Fwd: What's up ?

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Danial Hebert <>
    Date: Sep 11, 2006 10:03 AM
    Subject: RE: What's up ?
    To: Frank Girardot <>

    That was a painful thing to watch yesterday. Some things never change. They hang around,and hang around only to lose in the closing minutes so you waste an entire afternoon watching.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006


    Naked Lunch Update ...


    Naked drive-thru order got Lions' assistant nabbed

    Published September 9, 2006

    Apparently, a Wendy's drive-thru worker called police after ex-Illinois and current Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen allegedly pulled his SUV up to the window and placed an order in the nude, the Detroit Free Press reported. The worker, who took down Cullen's license plate number, told Dearborn, Mich., officers after the late-night incident on Aug. 24 that "the suspect did nothing obscene, other than being naked at the drive-thru." Cullen, a first-year defensive line coach, was arrested and charged with indecent and obscene conduct in the incident. Alcohol is not mentioned in the police report. The team suspended Cullen for Sunday's season opener against the Seahawks. The Wendy's manager, Jethro Lett, said he was working the second drive-thru window when, "The cashier alerted me [that] `a guy coming to your window is naked!'" Added Lett, "He didn't say a word. I said, `Here you go with your food, sir.'" The order? A single combo: burger, fries and a drink.

    Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune

    Seattle Post Intelligencer gamer:

    lede: Detroit, MI (Sports Network) - Josh Brown converted a 42-yard field goal as time expired to give the defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks a 9-6 win over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

    The game-winning drive was highlighted by a 17-yard run by Seahawks running back Maurice Morris, who was pushed out of bounds at the Detroit 24-yard line.

    "We feel good about the win," Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren said. "You travel on the road in the NFL and the toughest thing to do is win. I thought our guys hung in there pretty well. It looked pretty grim there at the end. Neither team was doing a whole lot offensively or at least getting to the point where you had to kick long field goals. We had a feeling it was going to come down to one of those."
    Marinelli's post game interview (as transcribed by the nice guys in PR at Ford FIeld)

    HEAD COACH ROD MARINELLI:Opening statement: "We played a very hard, tough football team. We tried to match them physically and I thought we did. It's not good enough - right off the bat. I'm not interested in playing hard and well, I'm interested in winning. We didn't do enough. We beat ourselves- we had penalties; they had penalties and we've got to take care of the ball. All the detailed things we have to do and get better at. This is about team still - offense, defense - all three phases. That's what I'm going to teach and that's what I believe in - there are no options; there's no solution other than winning - that's it. I won't accept anything less - anything less - so you can write that we played hard, I don't care; that's not an interest to me. That's you're interest, my interest is winning and that's something we have to work at and continue to understand that we have to finish games and do things exactly right - all the time."

    On what happened in the last drive with the game on the line: "Execution on their part, I give them credit. They completed a couple of passes, they popped a run in there, they had a run they popped on the back-side, cut-back and we got to be in position to make those plays and that's what I'm talking about. At the end, I want to win it and that's what I expect."

    On if he thought they played hard and well on the defense: "Yeah, I think we did; but, I want more than that. We've got to be able to together as a team come out and win this thing."

    On K Jason Hanson short on the field goal: "It might have been, I couldn't tell if it was tipped or not too. It might have been tipped a little bit. At that point, I just felt we were playing defense - we were playing dominate defense at that point - so, I was hoping to back them up again and get a three-and-out and hopefully get another shot at a short field and maybe run in it and win it."

    On why the offense struggled so much in getting into the end zone: "I think there were times that we just kind of self-destructed. You know? We beat ourselves. Penalties hurt us and holding, communication things, we just beat ourselves. That's something we just can't do - good football teams don't beat themselves."

    On if he felt they didn't maximize on several offensive opportunities: "Yeah, you know we didn't. We had some real good opportunities early and that's something a good football team - which we're going to be - has got to do. They have to do those things well."

    On the pass to the back side of RB Shawn Bryson: "I couldn't - some of these things I'll be able to help on Monday a little bit more when I see the film and see it all. Right now, I wouldn't do your question justice; I'll do a better job (Monday) for you."

    On the performance of the defensive line: "I thought they played well. I thought they played well."

    On having any concerns for DT Shaun Rogers going in: "No I didn't. He had two really great days of practice in pads - he did. I mentioned that to you the other day. I'll be very honest, I've coached some of the best that ever played the position, I think he's as good as any I've ever been around. The guy can take a game over. He played hard from snap to whistle all the way through the game; but, he's just got to maybe one more step, one more thing, one more sack and that's what you have to do. I tried to play it a close game at the end, and tried to put it in the hands of our defense and see if we could win it there."

    On if the offense showed what they were 'hiding' in the preseason and if he paid the price for not running everything he wanted to run: "No, you run everything in practice. We were going to run our base offense since last March. Doing the things that we do - or whenever our first minicamp was, but I don't think so. There are no excuses, there's none. What you got to do when you come under pressure in a game, you have to put the pressure on the men to perform. There are no excuses. I'm not going to do that. Plays are called; we got to execute, we have to do what we're supposed to do."

    On if he feels it was a bad start to the season: "Bad start - we're 0-1."

    On how he feels about taking the field as a head coach for the first time: "Oh I love it - I just love it - I love competing. I thrive on the competition, I thrive on this stuff. To see men wanting to get excited - that's what I'm about. The competition and competing and playing every snap - you just got to win though. The challenge is the winning."

    On his impression of the fans: "I think they're great. Great fans, it's a great city, great town. We just have to go do our job and win."

    On LB Ernie Sims playing in his first pro game: "It seemed like he was showing up a lot - my eyes were really glued to the front today - I had to be on those guys; but, I felt him, I really felt him in the game. It looked like he was flying."

    My week 2 picks (a little early)

    Week 2 -9/17, 18 Team W/L
    Game 1 Visitor Buffalo l
    Game 1 Home Miami w
    Game 2 Visitor Carolina w
    Game 2 Home Minnesota l
    Game 3 Visitor Cleveland l
    Game 3 Home Cincinnati w
    Game 4 Visitor Detroit l
    Game 4 Home Chicago w
    Game 5 Visitor Houston l
    Game 5 Home Indianapolis w
    Game 6 Visitor New Orleans l
    Game 6 Home Green Bay w
    Game 7 Visitor New York Giants w
    Game 7 Home Philadelphia l
    Game 8 Visitor Oakland l
    Game 8 Home Baltimore w
    Game 9 Visitor Tampa Bay l
    Game 9 Home Atlanta w
    Game 10 Visitor Arizona l
    Game 10 Home Seattle w
    Game 11 Visitor St. Louis l
    Game 11 Home San Francisco w
    Game 12 Visitor Kansas City l
    Game 12 Home Denver w
    Game 13 Visitor New England w
    Game 13 Home New York Jets l
    Game 14 Visitor Tennessee l
    Game 14 Home San Diego w
    Game 15 Visitor Washington l
    Game 15 Home Dallas w
    Game 16 Visitor Pittsburgh w
    Game 16 Home Jacksonville l

    My week one picks (a little late)

    Week 1 -9/7,10,11 Team W/L
    Game 1 Visitor Miami w
    Game 1 Home Pittsburgh l
    Game 2 Visitor Atlanta l
    Game 2 Home Carolina w
    Game 3 Visitor Baltimore w
    Game 3 Home Tampa Bay l
    Game 4 Visitor Buffalo l
    Game 4 Home New England w
    Game 5 Visitor Cincinnati w
    Game 5 Home Kansas City l
    Game 6 Visitor Denver w
    Game 6 Home St. Louis l
    Game 7 Visitor New Orleans l
    Game 7 Home Cleveland w
    Game 8 Visitor New York Jets l
    Game 8 Home Tennessee w
    Game 9 Visitor Philadelphia w
    Game 9 Home Houston l
    Game 10 Visitor Seattle w
    Game 10 Home Detroit l
    Game 11 Visitor Chicago w
    Game 11 Home Green Bay l
    Game 12 Visitor Dallas w
    Game 12 Home Jacksonville l
    Game 13 Visitor San Francisco w
    Game 13 Home Arizona l
    Game 14 Visitor Indianapolis l
    Game 14 Home New York Giants w
    Game 15 Visitor Minnesota l
    Game 15 Home Washington w
    Game 16 Visitor San Diego w
    Game 16 Home Oakland l
    Duffbeerlvr's Fantasy team for 2006 Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

    QB T. Brady (NE - QB)
    WR T. Owens (Dal - WR)
    WR Ro. Williams (Det - WR)
    WR R. Brown (Phi - WR)
    RB T. Barber (NYG - RB)
    RB E. James (Ari - RB)
    TE H. Miller (Pit - TE)
    BN D. Driver (GB - WR)
    BN W. McGahee (Buf - RB)
    BN J. Walker (Den - WR)
    BN T. Green (KC - QB)
    BN J. Witten (Dal - TE)
    K J. Hanson (Det - K)
    DEF New York (NYG - DEF)
    BN Tampa Bay (TB - DEF)

    At least it was close POSTGAME NOTES

    • Lions K Jason Hanson has now appeared in 15 NFL seasons as a Lion. He ties LB Wayne Walker (1958-72) for the most career seasons played in franchise history.
    • On Hanson's first field goal of the game (44), he surpassed Matt Bahr (1,422) for 16th place on the NFL's all-time points scored list. Hanson now has 1,426 career points.
    • Lions P Nick Harris landed his first punt of the game inside the 20-yard line when his punt was fair caught at the Seattle 11-yard line. Harris extends his streak of landing a punt inside the 20-yard line in 19 straight games.
    • Lions DT Shaun Rogers blocked a 41-yard field goal attempt by Seattle K Josh Brown in the first quarter. The block was Rogers' eighth career blocker field goal and ninth career blocked kick (includes one blocked PAT).
    • Rogers also recorded two sacks (13 yards loss) which is the third time in his career he has recorded multiple sacks in a game. In addition to the two sacks, he recorded five tackles (five solo).
    • Adding to Rogers block was DE James Hall, who blocked a 53-yard attempt. The block was Hall's third career blocked kick (2 FG, 1 PAT).
    • The blocked field goals by Rogers and Hall marked the first time the Lions blocked two field goals in a game since the Lions batted down two at San Francisco November 4, 2001. Rogers, who was a rookie that year, blocked both kicks in that game.
    • Lions did not allow Seattle to score a touchdown of any kind in today's game. The last time Seattle was held without a touchdown was November 12, 2004 at St. Louis.
    • The Lions defense held Seattle RB Shaun Alexander to 51 yards (19 carries for 2.7 avg.) in the game and did not allow an Alexander touchdown. Alexander was the 2005 NFL MVP, the league's leading rusher with 1,880 and scored an NFL record 28 touchdowns. The 51 yards by Alexander was only the fourth time since the beginning of the 2004 season which he gained less than 60 yards.
    • The Lions defense registered five sacks as a unit in today's game. The Lions five sacks are the most yielded by the Seahawks offense since they gave up five sacks September 19, 2004 at Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers defensive line coach for that game was Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli.
    • Among the five sacks in today's game was an 8-yard loss by DT Tyoka Jackson. This was Jackson's first sack as a Lion.
    • Lions rookie LB Ernie Sims started in today's opener against the Seahawks. Sims ended the game tied for a team-high (according to press box stats) with 10 tackles (seven solo).
    • Lions TE Dan Campbell garnered a career-high 29-yard reception in today's game.

    Color change in order

    Obviously we need a color change looks like seahawks colors around here. THe seahawks suck

    Detroit Lions Update is back in business

    Watch here for full coverage of the exciting 2006 season!

    Kitna Notes for 2006 season opener

    This will be the third time in QB Jon Kitna’s career that he’ll enter the
    season as the starter for a team with a new coaching staff. In 1999, he
    started 15 games for Seattle in their fi rst year under Head Coach Mike
    Holmgren and set a career-high with 23 touchdown passes while leading
    the Seahawks to an AFC West title. In 2003, Cincinnati’s fi rst season
    under Marvin Lewis, Kitna established a career-high with 26 touchdown
    passes and led the Bengals to an 8-8 record, their fi rst non-losing season
    since 1996 (8-8).
    Detroit’s opener against the Seahawks will mark the second time Kitna
    has faced his former team as a starter. As the Bengals starting quarterback
    in 2003 he led Cincinnati to a 27-24 come-from-behind victory
    with 226 yards passing and two touchdowns, including a 53-yard touchdown
    pass to WR Chad Johnson in the fourth quarter.
    Kitna had an effective performance in his preseason debut as the Lions
    new starting quarterback. On his fi rst and only series against the Broncos
    (8/11), he helped Detroit convert 2-of-3 third downs with a 19-yard
    completion to WR Roy Williams on third-and-9 and a 10-yard scramble
    on third-and-8. The opening drive culminated in a 36-yard K Jason
    Hanson fi eld goal.
    At Cleveland (8/18), Kitna and WR Roy Williams hooked up for a
    45-yard completion in the second quarter. Earlier in the game he threw
    his fi rst touchdown pass in a Lions uniform, a 4-yard completion to WR
    Kevin Jones.
    WR Roy Williams will be looking to lead the team in receiving yards and
    touchdowns for the third consecutive season. Through two seasons in Detroit,
    he has 99 receptions and has more touchdown receptions (16) in his fi rst two
    seasons than any other reciever in franchise history.
    WR Roy Williams caught 16 touchdown passes in his fi rst two seasons
    (2004-05), supassing Cloyce Box (15, 1949-50) for the most touchdown
    catches by a Lions receiver in their fi rst two seasons. It’s also the most
    touchdown receptions by a Lion in a two-year span since Herman Moore
    recorded 17 over the 1996-97 seasons.
    Williams, who played only three offensive plays (at Minnesota 11/6/05)
    after injuring his quadriceps in Week 5 vs. Baltimore (10/9/05), caught
    three touchdowns (7, 21 and 29 yards) vs. Arizona (11/13/05). He
    grabbed 7 receptions for 117 yards (16.7 avg), both season highs.
    Williams’ three touchdown receptions marked his fi rst career game with
    three touchdowns. The last time a Lions receiver had three touchdown
    receptions in one game was Herman Moore vs. Green Bay (10/29/95) at
    the Silverdome. He was one of only seven NFL players to collect three
    touchdown catches in a game during the 2005 season.
    Williams had two receptions for 24 yards in the fi rst quarter vs. Baltimore
    (10/9) before leaving the game with a leg injury. Both were key
    receptions on the Lions’ fi rst two touchdown drives.
    Williams pulled in a career-long 51-yard touchdown pass in the fi rst
    quarter at Chicago (9/18).
    RB Kevin Jones enters his third season with the Lions after persevering
    through numerous injuries to play in 13 games in 2005. He led the team with
    664 yards and with fi ve touchdowns, matched his total from his rookie season
    (2004). Each of his touchdowns were scored against some of the NFL’s elite
    RB Kevin Jones had a productive day at Pittsburgh (1/1/06) against one
    of the NFL’s best defenses. He fi nished with 78 yards on 18 carries (4.3
    Against the Green Bay Packers (12/11/05), Jones rushed for 63 yards on
    9 attempts (7.0 average) including a 40-yard carry that set up a fi eld goal
    on the Lions’ opening series.